Boulder County Market Report and Thrive Restaurant Review

Happy July 5!  It has been a great year so far at Stewart Ward Real Estate, and we’d love to share a few updates. Investors, if you are looking to get into the downtown Boulder market I am privately marketing a triplex, turnkey and fully SmartRegs compliant with great renters near Walnut and 19th. My listing at 9032 Tahoe in Park Lake is now $829,000, an exceptional house and value on .7 acre.  I also wanted to congratulate Andrew and Christine and thank my team, who helped them list and close 5042 Lee Hill Drive for 3% over asking at $1,135,000, a first for the price category in Boulder Heights.

Summer is in full swing and it’s hard to imagine but the first half of 2017 is over. This time of year what should buyers and sellers be thinking about?  The average mortgage takes 30 to 45 days to complete so July 5 is a turning point – only a couple of weeks left to go under contract on a house in the summer season before the kids are back in school and people start pulling out of the market.

For buyers waiting for the perfect house to come along, it’s a lot less likely to happen from here as inventory tightens through the end of the year.  Levels are already 10% below this time last month, and a similar drop is likely for this month. Reduce your expectations and get into something good enough, unless you are happy to pay more for less next year.  The good news - houses that have been on the market over 30 days may be had for a discount. What is your price range? I’m happy to help with a detailed analysis of where a deal may be had.

For sellers, it’s time to get serious. Have a look at your home’s marketing, if the presentation has not been recently refreshed or staged, talk to your Realtor. Additionally, NAR statistics show that sellers who drop prices earlier than the competition end up selling for a higher price. For a free consultation on your home’s value, contact us.

Thrive Restaurant Review

Supersize Me, the documentary that chronicled Morgan Spurlock’s “McDonalds only” diet for 30 days, is a pivotal documentary that galvanized my support for a healthy, sustainable food system for all ages and incomes.  It is the reason I am on the board of Growing Gardens, the fantastic local non-profit that educates children of all economic backgrounds about urban agriculture and leadership. Our Farm Dinner is August 5 in the Hawthorn gardens, there is space left but It always sells out and I’d love to have you there. The evening will benefit our Food Project Farm, which donates 100% of its produce to low income Longmont community members.

The amount of words required to distinguish foods that are “non-conventionally” made - organic, non-GMO, free range, pesticide free, hormone free, gluten free, etc. says a lot about our corporate food system. It maximizes profit for shareholders, yet often conflicts with the moral responsibility to do no harm with cheap, unhealthy ingredients.  

To eat completely non-conventional alone would be a great reason to eat at Thrive, the raw, vegan, gluten free and organic order-at-the-counter spot across from Boulder high. The atmosphere is very sweet, walking in to Thrive one enters a bubble of time and space where everyone looks young, bright and shiny with big smiles. I assume all the staff are eating the food and it made me wonder – should I go on a raw diet? Is this how to stop looking like I’ve been standing in a wind tunnel eating Twinkies for the last 20 years?

For clarity raw means raw - no heat is applied to the strictly plant-based ingredients here - yet the creative preparation is surprisingly varied in flavor.  Fermentation helps; the Nori Wrap on the snack menu is a prime example. It looks like simple julienne of carrot and cucumber wrapped in Japanese seaweed but then the kimchi sounds off with a dash of heat.  Add a bit of mayo creaminess with mild tamari dipping sauce and welcome to savory veggie nirvana!

From the salad menu, the Pad Thai of spiralized zucchini noodles, marinated broccoli and purple cabbage with kimchi and cilantro stays true to its roots. Retaining a distinct Thai flavor and beautiful range of colors, I can’t remember enjoying a tastier Asian-inspired salad.  

                          Making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at Thrive- messy but worth it

                          Making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at Thrive- messy but worth it

Wrap up your culinary experience at Thrive with the liquid nitrogen ice cream. Fresh cashew and almond milk is mixed with a chocolate or vanilla base, then liquid nitrogen is poured in for a lightly sweet and handmade frozen confection. It’s fascinating and just right for a summer dessert-

Thrive, 1509 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder 720 616 7785