Chautauqua Food Drive Benefitting Boulder Bridge House a Huge Success!

In December and early January,  the Stewart Ward Real Estate team hit the streets of Chautauqua and University Heights to gather and deliver food and supplies on behalf of Boulder Bridge House, a Boulder charity that feeds and helps the homeless get back to work in Boulder County.  We are pleased to report that the Drive was a huge success in its first year, filling my SUV twice!  Boulder Bridge House wanted us to say THANK YOU CHAUTAUQUA for your incredible generosity-  let's make it even bigger next year!  The 42 donating homes contributed the below items, which represented over 200 pounds of food, 3 contractor bags full of clothes, 2 boxes of sundries and supplies- and one fortune cookie.

26 jars peanut butter
51 cans beans
30 cans tuna
54 cans tomatoes
23 boxes of tea
5 hot sauce
1 jar of beets
1 brownie mix
3 boxes of rice
1 bag of milk chocolate morsels
1 jar honey roasted peanuts
3 boxes pasta
2 Men’s Leather Jackets
2 Men’s winter coats
16 jackets/vests
9 sweat pants
19 sweat shirts
1 pair leather gloves
9 pairs gloves/mittens
10 running shoes
3 boots
42 hot pockets handwarmers
24 pairs women’s socks
16 bras
12 undergarments
3 scarves
3 packs toothbrushes
8 pairs glasses
15 bottles ibuprofen
13 lip balm
3 shaving creams
2 Band Aid boxes

200 envelopes
16 notebooks
12 packs pens

Thanks again for your generosity!