Boulder County Market Report and Brooklyn Pizza Restaurant Review

Boulder County Real Estate Market Report

What a difference a month can make.  While overall inventory levels have remained consistent for this time of year, the percentage of single family homes under contract has decreased 9% in the city of Boulder since July and 13% since June. This reflects a more dramatic lull than historical norms and good news for buyers as there are more houses available.  Still, with 43% of inventory under contract it remains a strong seller’s market, and there are no early indicators of an impending downturn such as high increases of homes being withdrawn or expiring from the market.  As long as the influx of new highly qualified residents continues and interest rates stay low, the sellers market is likely to persist as well. It has been an excellent month for my seller clients so far in August, two of whom set new records in their subdivisions for price per square foot, and one who did a same day dual closing including a VA loan in 30 days- is there anything my team can do for you? 

Pocket Listing Alert: I have two listings coming up soon, a 3BR/2BA South Boulder townhouse style condo and a 4BR/3BA Niwot home both recently remodeled, call if interested.

Brooklyn Pizza Restaurant Review 

I don’t remember his name, but I have a New York pizza guru.  I only met him once while in line for a slice slightly inebriated at 2am in the tender years prior to the birth of Homeland Security, but his impact was mighty.  I declared this my favorite slice, and he scoffed.  On his regular slice tours of Manhattan and Brooklyn, he had picked up a thing or two: there are only 3 kinds of New Yorkers- cheese people, sauce people, and crust people.  Whether they realize it or not, every New Yorker chooses their favorite based on one of these three components.  For cheese people, it’s about the quality and flavor of the cheese - Is it thick and bland or thin and flavorful? Sauce people focus on fresh or from paste, tangy or mild, how much salt, how much herb? Crust people are all about the bite – crunchy or chewy, flour or cornflower, burnt or not? He said the experts were all sauce people and then called me a crust person, verbally dissected my slice and walked off not realizing he had become my guru and I would write of him 15 years later.

The proprietors of Brooklyn Pizza, the new slice and pie joint at the corner of Arapahoe and 17th in Boulder have a fierce dedication to quality.  If it can be homemade in the shop it is, including mozzarella, sausages, cannolis and sauce made from scratch with whole San Marzano tomatoes.  The cheese is a thinly layered mix of smooth mozzarella and savory provolone that takes on the dark orange color of a great Brooklyn slice on the plate. The crust is hand tossed, well-tuned for our water and altitude, and uses the finest flour available to get just the right NY style chew.

 $2.50 at Brooklyn Pizza

Are you a fan of red, tangy sauce? No judgement, but you have probably become acclimated to tomato paste, a much cheaper and faster sauce shunned in Italy and the better spots in NYC.  At this writing, there is no other slice shop inside the Boulder bubble offering a 100% San Marzano reduction sauce, so the next time you’re in town get in there and try some.

Brooklyn Pizza, 1647 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder CO 80302, 720 328 2324. No gluten free crust.


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