Boulder County Market Report and Budino at Pizzeria Locale Review

Boulder County Market Report June 2015

As we pass the 2015 real estate market peak in Boulder County many are wondering - are we in a bubble? It’s a question worth asking as month after month, home values in most areas of the county continue to rise. House prices seem unrealistic, so what’s the deal? To most economists, price appreciation becomes a bubble when underlying fundamentals such as income and debt levels of the purchasers reach an unsustainable level, yet prices continue to climb and could “pop”. Lending regulations are much tighter than before the crash, so where is the money coming from for a meteoric rise like we’ve had? Keep in mind people don’t buy a house, they buy a payment. Low interest rates keep payments low, and there is evidence that people are spending more of their paychecks on rents and mortgages and sacrificing some vacation.  So the bubble answer is no, but there will be a point when demand will slow because people cannot stretch their paychecks any further or rates go up.  Sitting on a house you know you will sell soon hoping to time it perfectly? When the market changes, it could do so quickly. Call me anytime for a 20 minute consultation to see what your house might be worth in today’s market.


Budino at Pizzeria Locale Review


The first time I had Budino at Pizzeria Locale in Boulder it was a Ratatouille moment.  In the movie the evil restaurant critic Ego has a bite of ratatouille and is transported back to the kitchen he grew up in and fond memories of his mother cooking for him. I came to two realizations in that moment – 1. I need more pudding in my life and 2. I have never had pudding like this. The butterscotch taste, smooth texture and firm yet pliable layer of chocolate is different from what we earned for good behavior around the table as a child, maybe because it’s made by the dessert chefs at Frasca? It feels like a treat for adults who haven’t been naughty in years.

Budino at Pizzeria Locale


The healthy topper of fresh whipped cream dusted with semi-sweet chocolate shavings balances what may be the most comforting comfort food ever conceived. Adding a whimsical note, Budino comes with a baby shovel as the implement of its destruction. I’ve noticed it contributes at least 3.9 seconds to its already short lifespan at any table.

Budino at Pizzeria Locale, 1730 Pearl St, Boulder, (303) 442-3003