Market Report and Flower Pepper Restaurant Review

Boulder County Market Report

Conforming to seasonal norms, inventory climbed in Boulder County in April, rising 25% countywide month over month.  So why doesn’t it feel like there’s anything available? Because compared to historical averages inventory is still under 50% of normal for this time of year, and 54% of that inventory is under contract, when 20% is normal. (source:IRES MLS)

The real news in Boulder County Real Estate this month is property taxes.  Feel like you got hit too hard? I have had many calls from clients asking about the appeals process and what they can do to ease the burden.  Appreciation has its dark side, have a look at this map of which areas rose the most in the past 24 months according to the assessor.  For information about the appeals process, look here.  If you think you might have a case call me, I have already run comps for a few friends and I would be happy to do the same for you, or to recommend a good subcontractor for a summer project you may have in the works.  The window to file for appeal closes June 1.  As always, I am here to help and I deeply appreciate your referrals. 


Flower Pepper Restaurant Review

Authentic - 1. Not false or copied, genuine  2. Having origin supported by unquestionable evidence.  “Authentic” has become a buzzword of popular culture, and who could blame us? With so much time focused on screens large and small where nearly everything can be falsely represented without us knowing, we crave the real.  Sometimes a restaurant opens that makes you wonder - have I ever tasted the authentic food of this culture before now? Welcome to Flower Pepper.  Most Chinese restaurants in America are founded by immigrants who never cooked professionally before arriving, and dish up the American hits night after night.  There’s nothing wrong with that, and you can get it anywhere.  Chef Jeff at Flower Pepper established four restaurants in Beijing, sold them and brought his extended family here.  I now crave the pork and cabbage dumplings (12 for $6.99) almost daily, everything on the menu including the dough and wonton is handmade from scratch throughout the day.  At $3.99, the wonton soup packs more deliciousness per dollar than any dish in town.  Try the Dan Dan noodle or Mapo Tofu for intricately flavored takes on noodle shop favorites, and don’t miss the Tiger Food salad with the signature flower pepper oil that leaves a buzzy sensation in your mouth.  


The wonton soup at Flower Pepper

While you are sampling authentic Chinese food, why not go all the way and enjoy some Pu’er? Earthy and satisfying, this fermented tea is available fresh by the cup.  Flower Pepper is open for both lunch and dinner and sometimes the dumplings are not available late in the evening due to the labor intensive nature of their preparation.  It is brand new, go for a visit before it gets popular.  Seating space is very limited, come at the prime mealtimes if you want to meet Jeff, and park for free in the garage behind.  Flower Pepper, Broadway and Alpine, Boulder, 720 381 1594, 11am – 9pm.