Boulder County Market Report and T aco Restaurant Review

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Thank you so much for your support, reviews and comments on this newsletter over the last year. As always, contact me anytime if you need a good reference for work to be done on your home, or if you would like an instant valuation of your home’s worth. Boulder County Real Estate conformed to seasonal norms in November, with sales volume down roughly 50% from the peak of the summer. Additionally, sales volume by dollars is down 5.5% over last year reflecting a further tightening of inventory over 2013’s already lean figures (source:ires MLS). All indications are that 2015 will extend the cycle of low inventory and steady appreciation fueled by interest rates fluctuating in a low and narrow band between 4% and 4.75%.  The Front Range and Boulder County in particular have one of the country’s lowest unemployment rates, with new jobs bringing more transplants from across the nation.  All of the news lately is bullish for the area, with Google expanding its campus to add 1500 jobs to the downtown core in the next few years and record amounts of investment cash boosting local companies.  Most local real estate market analysts theorize we are midway through the expansion that started 3 years ago, and that Boulder will continue to buck national trends when it comes to the severity and frequency of downturns. The bottom line? Now is an excellent to buy Boulder real estate on either an investment or personal basis if you can find something that works, and you should have a good consultant to get you there. For further reading visit my facebook page for two recent articles about forces affecting the Boulder market. 

T|aco Restaurant Review

Sometimes a great restaurant hides in plain sight. Friends will tell you they went last week, every Tuesday, or with a friend in town for the weekend, but somehow you never end up going; it never registers that this might be the best place in town to satisfy a certain craving or be so good as to embed the craving that only it can satiate.  Crouched behind a large shade tree at Walnut and Broadway, T|aco (pronounced Tee ah ko) hid from me for over a year, but is so subversively tasty that I can no longer navigate a week in Boulder without finding myself there. The chips are made to order and a must to start, with green, red, and habanero pineapple dipping sauces. While taking in the menu, savor the queso authentico, or the hand squashed guacamole. The taco list has all kinds of ingredients that don’t usually say “taco” after them - I suggest picking a main ingredient that interests you and rolling with it. They’re all good, and after the first bite it’s clear only a seasoned chef could conceive these flavors. Among my favorites the Cotija’s Mexican white cheese is crusty browned on the griddle with salsa verde, the pork belly with pickled onions is rich and varied, the buffalo chicken is just the right combination of tart and creamy, and I thought I tasted cinnamon permeating the previously off-menu Classico.

 The Pork Belly taco at T|aco

The margaritas continue the “different and delicious” theme of this eatery, it felt like two went down before I’d ordered the second. T|aco is well attended by restaurant staff in town which is always a good sign, and has special days: margs are $4 on Mondays, Taco Tuesdays offer $2 tacos all day. If you show up at noon on Tuesday, expect a bit of a wait- Stewart

T|aco, 1175 Walnut Street in Boulder, 303-443-9468