Boulder County Market Report and PMG Restaurant Review

Boulder County Real Estate September 2014

In August 2014, statistics showed inventory continuing over 50% below historical norms, with price appreciation remaining steady in both single family homes and attached dwellings. Interestingly, the market was tighter in August for attached dwellings than single family homes, with absorption, or the amount of time it takes for buyers to purchase the available inventory, lower in attached dwellings in every category except $800K and above.  There was a year on year sales decline of 12.7% in single family homes compared to 2013, with many speculating low inventory and lack of upward mobility in the job market as culprits. In the most interesting statistic to appear in a while, rents in Q1 in Boulder and Fort Collins showed a 17% spike over the previous year.  This may be a slight statistical aberration but parallels national trends and reflects that right now, with affordable housing at extreme lows, it is much better to be a landlord or to own your own home than it is to rent in Colorado.  Investment opportunities abound with interest rates at historical lows, contact me for details. (sources: IRES MLS and CO Dept. of Housing).

PMG Restaurant Review

What is it that makes one restaurant work and another one fail? It’s a topic of great interest to a great many people.  I think all would say initially that for a restaurant to succeed the most important thing is memorable food.  And yet, we have all been to restaurants with highly forgettable food time and time again and keep going back. Why? Cute bartender, cool decor, friends who will eat anything, etc.?  This was the question roiling about my mind as I walked into PMG for the first time.  On 10th between Pearl and Spruce I had driven or ridden or walked by it numerous times in the five weeks since it opened and yet had never so much as looked in the window.  The space had become forgettable to me, because the restaurant in there before it had become forgettable to me. But Why? I ate there twice for lunch and enjoyed it each time so…? 

My first impression of PMG wine bar was about what it wasn’t – not a faux leather sofa, chocolate colored wall, or suggestive decanter in sight.  For a split second I was disappointed I would not be “lounging” after a long day at my desk, but my attention quickly turned to my immediate future at the bar.  Expecting at least fifteen options by the glass, I was surprised to have just seven- two whites, two reds, two sparkling, and a rose’.  What’s going on here? My fellow Americans, many of you have traveled abroad and made the discovery that one can fully sustain and even enjoy oneself without having thirty five options from which to choose on the menu.  If you’re lucky, a further revelation is that if everything on the menu is outstanding, it makes little difference what you choose at all, you’re going to enjoy it.  PMG is one of those places.


The crispy half chicken at PMG

On Chef Sal’s Italian and French inspired menu, the ingredients reflect the season, are chosen for flavor, and present themselves differently each night while pairing perfectly with at least one of the wines by the glass.  Currently on the Snacks menu the fried summer squash strips ($7) are cut long and lightly battered, with shaved parmigiano and honey. The parm is so thin it dissolves instantly to accent without overpowering the squash and drops of honey wrap it up perfectly.  I’m not one for church on Sunday, but Lydia’s country pate’ ($8) was creamy with a soft boiled egg on the side, and a savory garlic hint that had me thanking God for my taste buds. For mains I have had the lamb ($24) and the crispy half chicken ($22) - both made me think I must’ve been a dog in previous lifetime for my desire to lick the plate completely clean.

The wine list lends itself to ordering a bottle, with choices in any tint to suit any budget, starting at $21 going up to $248.  When was the last time you saw a magnum of Nebbiolo on a restaurant list for $43?  I can’t put a finger on why this place seems to have “it”, the thing that keeps people coming back, but my experiences there have been nothing but memorable. When you go you will see a lot of regulars, including the family and friends of owner Emily Gold, who you will certainly enjoy meeting. - Stewart

PMG, 2018 10th St, Boulder (303) 786-8585. Open 4:00 – 11:00 pm except Tuesdays

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