Boulder County Market Report and Wayne's Smoke Shack Restaurant Review

Boulder County Real Estate September/October Market Summary

The chill of fall has not had much effect on the 2015 Boulder County real estate market. In September, year-on-year sales of single family homes were up 9% over 2014 and home prices were up 11%.  Initial October figures indicate countywide sales up over 20% from 2014 in single family homes, an extreme jump and an indicator of increased activity this fall over last (source:IRES MLS).  The world was expecting an interest rate hike in September that did not materialize and on the financial blogs “the markets” project a 50/50 chance of one in December, but it doesn’t seem that locally it will affect this market one way or the other much for now.

It was my pleasure to sell Michael and Ronie Pastko’s South Boulder townhouse in October after a bidding war got them 6% over asking price, setting a new record for the neighborhood and helping with a smooth relocation to New York City- continued success to you!  Client Beverly Murphy’s one acre ranchette bordering the Boulder airport also sold for a handsome price, who do you know that is most likely to need a great agent in the next year? 

Wayne’s Smoke Shack – True Texas BBQ Restaurant Review

 Thousands of years ago on the grassy hills and vales of the rocky mountain foothills, in the dramatic reflection of the Flatirons on a patch of earth we now call Superior many buffalo and other wild animals roamed freely, subject to the everyday perils of natural selection, hunting, and being hunted.  Among those surviving without any modern conveniences were the first Boulder County residents, wielding spears and charging forward in bearskin tunics to cull the herd and turn a spit over an open flame, just in time for lunch.

Remarkably, today in the very same geographical location that our most likely male ancestors used their enlarged brains to outsmart and eat those majestic animals stands a restaurant, in a strip mall across the parking lot from PetsMart, called Wayne’s Smoke Shack.  Wayne’s attracts throngs of large, hungry looking men who have cast off their bearskins in favor of Dockers twill trousers and traded in their spears for laptop computers.

Last week we arrived at 11:30, there were at least 30 men in attendance and not a single female. Be warned, 11:30 is often too late at Wayne’s to access the entire menu as certain items sell out just after opening and frequently much of it is gone by 1:30pm. At Wayne’s the cuts are served by the pound; there is something inherently satisfying about telling a man how much meat you want and watching him slice and portion it right in front of you with butcher paper for a plate. No serving spoons or tongs here, just knives and hands.

I am no BBQ expert but I’ve had my share, and without a doubt the Wayne’s brisket is the best I have ever tasted.  Requiring no knife, the beefylicious cut is akin to the most tender prime rib at the nicest steakhouse I have ever been to, with more flavor and a crunchy peppercorn rub.


Host L.R. Laggy of Blank Plate Boulder and I shared this memorable tray on my first visit

Each selection at Wayne’s has its own flavor profile; the beef sausage is savory with garlic, the chicken smoky and the ribs juicy with a rub like sweet Texas tea.  Normally with BBQ I am focused on sauce, there are 3 good ones on hand at Wayne’s but I noticed I used them less as the preparation stands on its own.  I recommend asking for extra pickles and onions, they are homemade and provide just the right amount of bite for the decadent crispy fat a modern caveman (or cavewoman) requires.

Wayne’s Smoke Shack – True Texas BBQ, 406 Center Dr. in Superior. Open Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 – 3:00